Easter Holiday

Easter holiday is a joyful day for people, who may want to take a rest to make sure they have enough power to work in their own lives. This is because Easter holiday is very relaxing and lovely week .As for me, I have to revise my works. This is because exam is coming,which means that I have to study harder and harder to achieve my aimbition.

Thanks for everyone. Joyful to have those holidays.


Against fraud crime

I am writing for my reasons why I need to against suspect Scott Close. In this case, I am really tired. Also, I think of death as well. As far as, death is concerned. Do you know how serious is this case? Certainly, I can point out that I have been nearly dead in Brighton, which you can check my history from the Sussex police. Do you know losing money just a part of this issue? The main issue is how I can face to other people. In addition, I think that I will be labeled by this case, which is harmful for me. If you were I, what would you have to do? For example, death, ending your life, asking helps from police and putting this to the court to demonstrate your interest, which will make your life to be more harmful. As for me, I think of death. Personally, I tend to believe that my body does not allow me to die. However, my brain always tells me that ending my life is the best final decision. What do you think of that? In fact, some people may take their lives easily. This is because there is a big attack, which they cannot handle and control it. Asking for helps, then, the police just said that we cannot be investigated. As a result of this, they may take their lives easily. In this case, I am approximately dead, which you can know from Sussex police, Brighton and Sussex Hospital mental team, crisis team from Devon and Cornwall and my schools, in which are Bellerbys College Brighton and INTO University of Exeter as well. Most importantly, scam is not be accepted in the UK. Provided that you were the victim in this case, would you like to die to solve this problem? In my view, I suppose you may also have this feeling. Even through you get victim support, how about your life? My main issue is how I can confront to my life. No one is perfect, which may have crimes, fraud and protest in the world. Do you know how this case affects me at this moment? Studying in the UK, which is delighted thing. However, some people may use this point to mislead oversea people like me. In this case, I just a student, who does not have any income. To explore this point, I have to say that I wanted to purchase items, but I cannot do it now because of this case. Who do you think may care my life? My parents, my schools and my friends, who give me a lot supports in this case. Nevertheless, my mood is still low, which is disobedient to me. In other words, I may have high risk to kill myself.

Turning to financial problem, which may let me lost a huge amount of money. How do you feel? In this case, I feel really depress, anxious and want to end my life. As long as I am going to end my life, my parent will not agree with this person Scott Close. Then, they may need to resist to let that person pay more money in this case. Then, the Judge, what do you think about that? To balance this point, I think I need to claim my money back, which is one of my reasons why I may need to against this person. On the other hand, my mental health problems, which may lead to isolation, lonely, avoiding all the things and does not want to face to the world. As far as, depression is concerned. This is because this case is a serious case, causing me manic depression and anxiety, which may special to other people. To put this differently, if you were in my position, what would you have to do? No one can give you answer. This is because a part of this case can be solved by the court. Other medication problem just can be overcome by medicine and time. Because of this , I hope money claim court can know my situation and also know about how hurt for me in this case, which may endanger and damage my life.

To sum up, I have to point out that I totally endorse the judge decision-making. In addition, I hope the judge can see that person Scott Close used fraud crime to take advantage from other people. In this case, I need to take medication at this moment. Also, I am not be positive in my life, which may lead to some psychological problems.

Part-time Jobs

As for me,I think part-job is good for us.This us because I lkie to work harder and hard to obtain more scope of knowledege,which is the education books cannot be provided.To put this differentlt,when you read death books,what will you feel?To Face to death,do you scare of it or not?Of course,some people may think that they are scared of ghost,facing to people and death.But,anyway,ourlives are here,do not let it go away.We need to be delighted to face to everything,every moment.


Nowadays,many people may think of death.What is death?That is nothing special.People live in the world,who may have this stage in their brains.Naturally,some people may not happy and something that make them upset or depress ,causing think of ending their life.To explore this point,that may let people think more and try to face to this case,Like me,I also think of death.It may lead to some side-effects including psycological problems,such as isolation,selfishness,self-centredness,introvertedness,egoism,stubbornness.Also,I may fail to cultivate teamwork spirit,cooperation and competition.Some of the biggest downsides seem to be the potential for isolation distraction and hindered social development .I may think that I would be bored without this interaction,and futhermore,would find it harder to concentrate.

As a consequence of this, those will be affected people by those factors.Also,I want to maintain that I do not want to die.However, thinking may lead to me to think more.After that ,I may have motivation to do it.But, not now,I need to stop and ban it.